"Don't fear failure, you only fail when you quit!" - Coach Kevin


Forever Committed Fitness (FCF) Sports Performance


At FCF, we are results driven. We help each athlete realize their potential and perform at a level they never thought possible. It is a common occurrence for an athlete to gain 4 inches on their vertical jump, or improve their 10-yard dash by half a second in a matter of a month. Our proven training regimens have our athletes reaching their goals in record time.



At FCF, we take athletes who were on the bench before training with us, to being a starter on their prospective team. We take Division Three caliber athletes and turn them into Division One athletes.

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Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.







Body Scanning


Unique to FCF, our FIT3D Body Scanner will give you a highly accurate and detailed look at your body's BMI, muscle mass, and posture. This allows us to create the perfect fitness plan, tailor-made for you!


"I recommend this training facility to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves physically & mentally. I always leave feeling better than I came and pushed to my limits." 

Sheldon King

"FCF training is not only comprised of great trainers, it is also a great place to train. The trainers there don't just care about physical fitness, they care about your mental fitness as well. If you are serious about your health and well-being, FCF is where you want to be ."

William Turner

"Coach Kevin will be dedicated to your goals and push you harder than you will push yourself at times. He is always looking for new ways to help others progress for the greater good while smiling and staying positive through all the obstacles. He put me in a position to further my goals and reach my next level while being a phone call away when I think "I can't". When he says "Forever Committed", he truly means it. For the FCF family, it's not just a phrase but a lifestyle."

Delora Burnett

"FCF is an amazing place and brand with very dedicated trainers. If you’re looking for a fitness coach as well as a life coach these guys (and girls) will get you to your best you. They’ve recently been bringing in new exciting toys to work out with, my favorite being the ropes hanging from the ceiling to climb. All you need to do is bring yourself and a positive mindset to the turf and Coach Kevin and the rest of the team will get you right."

Shirley Yousefie

Athletic Performance Training

Our dynamic workability is focused on elevating the performance of the athletes. We are professionals that are committed to producing the best functional training for the athlete to help them progress within a safe and healthy environment.

Our performance training helps combine the most suitable training routine with nutrition and physical therapy for productive performance. We ensure that our individualized performance training helps you excel as a world-class athlete with agile attributes.

Athlete Strength Training

Our extended training is focused on elevating the strength of the athlete and we make sure to help them with exclusive strength training. We offer specialized training courses that are designed specifically to extend the strength and endurance of the athletes, aiding to overcome strength goals.

Athlete Training Program​

Our elite training programs are performance and strength centered that helps with athletes mental training, boosting their overall capability. Our strength and training programs implement standard and updated procedures, which help to better the outcomes as well as further athlete’s performances in a minimal period.

Athlete Trainers

Not only we have athlete focused training programs, but our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. Incorporating the needs and the physical fitness of the client, our professional athlete trainers offer the best-suited training programs which help to boost productivity.

In addition, our athletes’ training centers have the latest equipment. In fact, we don’t have traditional machines but the latest models, specially built to support the training programs we offer to our customers.

Adult Athlete Personal Trainers

We make sure that our professional trainers help improve your physical fitness through individual focused training sessions. Our adult athlete training courses are designed in the manner that helps level up athletes, increasing performance and endurance, while managing injury risks.

Our athlete personal trainers help our customers build strength and power through personal training programs. Our adult training classes help kickstart your day with mixed small training groups.