• Linda Delgado

    “I highly recommend John Todaro. I have been his client for about 8 months and think he is the best trainer I have ever had. Invariably, our sessions are challenging, fun and interesting. So far there seems to be no limit to the variety of exercises that build and get to those muscles you never knew you had. Best sustained result for me so far, other than feeling strong and stronger, is that workouts have miraculously resolved lower back pain. Thank you John for your dedication and thoroughness. And best of all for your loyalty to quality training which includes a key post workout stretching!”

  • Sandrine

    ” I interviewed several personal trainers for my kids and decided to hire John. He has been awesome! He trains my 13 year old son primarily and sometimes by 19 year old daughter. John is great at what he does and my kids think he is really easy to get along with. My son has been getting a lot stronger and has gained confidence in the many months he has been training with John. We have seen a real improvement in not only his strength but in his overall athletic abilities. John sometimes incorporates some sports training as well and has really built up my son’s endurance. John is really great at giving them health and exercise advice and even life coaching. John is a fantastic trainer and I highly recommend him!”

  • Dylan Kaplan

    “As someone who has worked out with many personal trainers in Bethesda, MD. I can say that finding John was a gift. John is professional, hard working, cares greatly about his clients, and constantly comes up with new and innovative approaches for maximizing our workouts. If you want to see real measurable results John will help you achieve your work out goals. I highly recommend John”

  • Jennifer Salehi,Linda Delgado

    “John Todaro is an excellent trainer. He took on the challenge of training my husband and me together and even though we are at different levels, John was able to balance our routines so that we could train together and still get what we needed individually. Every session the exercise routine was a new and creative challenge, but never more than we could handle and John was always very encouraging. Thanks to his expert training and advice, we feel so much stronger and healthier, and we are finally on track to truly changing our lives for the better.”

  • Meghan Dipippa,Soccer Player

    “John Todaro was my trainer as I prepared for pre-season soccer in college. His sessions prepared me to pass my fitness test as well as increased my general fitness and endurance. His training sessions were challenging but his goals were attainable. He did a great job of tailoring the sessions toward my specific fitness goals yet making sure that my general strength and endurance also improved. After training with John, I passed my pre-season fitness tests and I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in. John gave me the motivation I needed to get in the best possible shape and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a patient but firm personal trainer.”

  • Kurt Karslioglu, Football Player

    “I started working with John this summer to get ready for my division one football program. I told him about the areas I needed to focus on and we specifically trained in those areas. John is a very great guy and a great trainer, he is very professional and knows a lot about collegiate athletics. We worked very hard and I improved my skills to where they needed to be. He is a fun person to be around and will establish a relationship with you very fast. He treats you like his family and really wants the best for you. I highly recommend John to anyone who needs a great athletic trainer and wants to put the work in.”

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